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Home HQ

Where is Home HQ available?

When will Home HQ be available in NSW?

What smartphones is Home HQ compatible with?

Does Home HQ work with any other products?

What will I need to use Home HQ?

I'm a renter, am I able to install Home HQ?

Is Home HQ compatible with Google Home & Amazon Alexa?

How does Alexa work?

Origin Energy

Who can I contact in regards to my Home HQ order or for support?

Want to know more about Home HQ?

Do I need to be an Origin Energy customer in order to purchase Home HQ?

Digital Security & Privacy Concerns

Who will have access to my data?

Can you access my camera live stream or recorded videos?

Do you share any of my data with other partners?

How can I identify transactions for Home HQ on my bank account or credit card statement?


How long does shipping take?

How do I track my order?

Where do you ship to?

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