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Home HQ 360

Home HQ 360 uses the built-in video camera of a spare smartphone you leave at home to intelligently sense motion and automatically record a video of activity. If motion is detected, you receive video notification of that activity sent to your smartphone wherever you might be. Home HQ 360 works with both Apple iOS and Android-based smartphones. 

With Home HQ 360, you can set up to three vantage points covering views of your front door, your back door, and your kitchen window for instance. You can decide how long your smartphone’s camera should remain at each vantage point. Home HQ 360 can cycle through those vantage points automatically, searching for intruders or activity – recording video the instant motion is detected. If motion is detected, you will receive a video alert mere seconds after the activity is recorded. You can assign names for your custom vantage points too, and recall them manually while watching Home HQ live from a remote location. With full pan-and-tilt rotation, adjust your settings to perfectly customise the Home HQ 360 experience to help protect the people and things you love the most. 

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