Home HQ Amazon Alexa Voice Skill

Control Home HQ With Your Voice

Voice control for your home is here! Home HQ now works with Amazon Echo. Home HQ can now perform a number of helpful tasks with voice commands. It's as simple as saying, "Alexa, turn on my lights"

Home HQ is able to control your home’s lighting, smart plugs, and climate – all with simple voice commands. As you’d expect, it’s fun and simple, and with an Amazon Echo you can begin using it today.

Get Started

  1. Enable the Home HQ skill by opening the Alexa App, selecting Skills, and searching for "Home HQ"
  2. After choosing to enable the skill, you will be required to enter your Home HQ username and password.
  3. When finished, close the tab to return to the Alexa app.
  4. That's it!

If you want to control devices by groups or zones (e.g. living room, upstairs, downstairs, garage, etc.), you'll need to put those devices into a group. You can open the Alexa app and go to the Smart Home menu. From there, you can create new groups of devices by selecting "Create Group" under Your Groups.

Smart plug control

Home HQ and Amazon Echo work with the internet-connected smart plugs included with your Home HQ or available separately from the Home HQ Device Store. The smart plugs allow you to manage and automate power to your home's small appliances and consumer devices with the convenience of voice control.

"Alexa, turn on (or off) my smart plug (or living room, my house, etc.)", to control single or multiple devices in the house, zone, or room.

Smart lighting control

Home HQ and Amazon Echo work with Philips Hue smart bulbs available from the Home HQ Device Store. Enable an entirely new kind of lighting control with your voice.

"Alexa, brighten/dim my lights", to control all your lights.

"Alexa, turn on/off my living room lights", to control specific room lights.

"Alexa, brighten/dim my lights by 10 percent" or "Alexa, set my light brightness to 50%", to control lighting by percentage.

Smart climate control

Home HQ and Amazon Echo work with the Sensibo Sky wi-fi air conditioner controller, available from the Sensibo website. Enjoy the convenience of controlling your home's heating and cooling with your voice.

"Alexa, increase/decrease my aircon by 3 degrees.", to change your temperature settings in one-degree increments.

"Alexa, set my aircon to 24 degrees", to change to a specific temperature.

Home HQ and Amazon Echo compatibility

Apple iOS version of the Home HQ app is compatible with:

  • iPhone 3GS or newer
  • iPad 2 or newer
  • iPod Touch 4th generation or newer
  • iOS 6 or newer

Android version of the Home HQ app is compatible with:

  • Devices that release with (not upgraded to) Android OS v4.4.x or later
  • Chipset: ARMv7a or later
  • RAM: 2GB
  • SPACE: 100MB or more of free space