Meet Home HQ

The smart way to bring your home to life.

Home HQ Energy Starter Kit

The Energy Starter Kit includes all the basics. It's easy to install, with no electricians required and set-up only takes about 30 mins.

home in your hand

You can monitor and control your home wherever you are via the Home HQ app. With handy notifications and the flexibility to switch appliances on/off, you’re always in the know.

works with amazon alexa

Now you can use your voice to control Home HQ smart bulbs, smart plugs and air conditioner.

Smart Climate Control

Home HQ keeps an eye on the temperature and humidity in your home. It can even send a notification if it gets too cold or too hot.

Seamless integration

Home HQ is the smart home solution which controls it all. Connect a range of smart home devices, like the Philips Hue Bulbs, into one simple, easy to use app.

Save energy

Set up your smart plugs and smart bulbs to automatically switch off when you leave home.

Customer testimonials

Jake, SA

You can just switch appliances on or off using smart plugs, with a simple click on the mobile app - even when you're not at home.

Jacqui, QLD

Home HQ just makes life easier. Having 3 kids at home - that's important! At work, I get a notification when the kids arrive home safe from school.

Sven, SA

This is a such a smart use of technology - it's affordable and compatible with a whole range of devices, so you're not locked into a specific brand.

Stay at Home Mum

Jody talks about her experience with Home HQ and how it's making life simple and smart!

Home HQ uses smart, connected devices to give you control over your energy consumption and keep an eye on what's going on at home.